The Go-Bundesliga is the German championship for teams for the game of Go. It consists of five Leagues, of which some are split. The winner of the top league is German Team Go Champion. The competition takes place mainly at the KGS Go Server, from season 2016-2017 on matches will also be played at Pandanet. Each team is based on a location in Germany. Four players of one team compete against four players of the opposing team.[1] The games are played on a monthly basis.

List of the German Team Go ChampionsEdit

Season German team champion
2005–2006 Hamburg-Hebsacker
2006–2007 Karlsruhe
2007–2008 Karlsruhe
2008–2009 Karlsruhe
2009–2010 Karlsruhe
2010–2011 Hamburg-Hebsacker
2011–2012 Hamburg-Hebsacker
2012–2013 Berliner Zebrapinguine 1
2013–2014 Berliner Zebrapinguine 1
2014–2015 HH-Pauli
2015–2016 Hamburg-Hebsacker


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