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Gloria Jean Siebrecht (born 1940) is an American amateur paleontologist and volunteer for the Museum of the Rockies, notable as the discoverer of Avisaurus Gloriae, which was named for her, and Piksi barbarulna.

Gloria Jean Siebrecht
Kalispell, Montana
Known foramateur paleontologist

She is the sixth child of James Baily Schnee and Marie Van De Rite of Kalispell, Montana. She grew up in Columbia Falls, Montana; McMinnville, Oregon; and Lincoln City, Oregon. She graduated from Taft High School in Lincoln City in 1958. She married Odell Siebrecht in 1959 and raised two sons on a farm north of Cut Bank, Montana.[1][2]

As a volunteer for the Museum of the Rockies, Siebrecht spent thousands of hours on digs and in preparing fossils for display.


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