Glion Colloquium

The Glion Colloquium is a think-tank on higher education. It holds a forum every second year in Glion, Switzerland to consider the role of the world's leading higher education institutions in addressing emerging challenges and opportunities.[1] For instance, one of its visions was the increase in the universities' role in the sustainability process.


The Glion Colloquim was co-founded by Luc E. Weber and Werner Z. Hirsch.[2][3] The first conference was held in Glion in May 1998.[4] The Glion Declaration was written by Frank H. T. Rhodes in 1999.[4] It questions the position of the university in a market-driven society.[4] It also looks at the effects of globalization on research universities.[5] Its second declaration in 2009 stated that "universities exist to liberate the unlimited creativity of the human species and to celebrate the unbounded resilience of the human spirit."[6]


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