Glenorchy Football Club

The Glenorchy District Football Club is an Australian rules football club currently playing in the Tasmanian State League and the Southern Football League in Tasmania, Australia.

Full nameGlenorchy Football Club
Former name(s)New Town Football Club
Nickname(s)Magpies, Pies
MottoFortis ad Finem (Fight to the Finish)
2023 season
After finals7th
Home-and-away season7th
Leading goalkickerNathan Blowfield (13)
Club details
Founded1919; 105 years ago (1919)
Colours  Black and   White
PresidentJohn McCann
CoachAaron Cornelius
Captain(s)Joshua Arnold
Premierships17 (1935, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1953, 1955, 1958, 1965, 1975, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1999, 2007, 2008, 2016)
Ground(s)KGV Oval
Glenorchy, Tasmania (capacity: 18,000+ capacity)
Other information

History edit

The club is nicknamed the Magpies after its black and white playing strip, and was originally known as New Town Football Club (wearing a green and white strip) when it started out as a member of the Tasmanian Football League in 1919.

New Town changed its name to Glenorchy in 1957 after absorbing the already established club Glenorchy Rovers and relocated its headquarters to KGV Oval at Glenorchy in Hobart's northern suburbs in the same year, playing its first match at the venue on 4 May 1957 against Hobart. It remains there to this day. After the death of the Tasmanian Football League in December 2000, the club was temporarily without a league to play in.

After some political maneuvering within football circles, Glenorchy were admitted to the Southern Football League, but at a high price from a traditional standpoint, with the club being forced, as a condition of entry to the League, to give up its black-and-white playing strip as well as its Magpies emblem, as it clashed with former Southern Amateur club Claremont Magpies, who were already a member of the SFL.

Glenorchy announced in early 2001 that they would adopt a new green, black & white playing uniform, and be known as the "Glenorchy Storm". This was not popular with fans, many of whom drifted away from the club, and its membership and support base decreased rapidly.

There was to be considerable rejoicing amongst its fans in 2004, after persistent pressure from the club, and the fact that Claremont were now playing in the SFL Regional League, which resulted in Glenorchy being granted the return of its black-and-white strip, and the Magpie emblem.

Statistics edit

Club record attendance edit

24,968: 1979 TFL Grand Final vs Clarence Roos at North Hobart Oval.

Club record attendance (Home & Away) edit

8,480 + approx. 2000 non-paying juniors: 2011 TSL Round 1 vs Clarence Roos at KGV Oval

Club record score edit

TFL 34.21 (225) vs Hobart 18.14 (122) at KGV Oval Round 22, 1983.

Senior coaches edit

Coach[1] Years Competition Premierships
Roy Cazaly 1948–1951 TANFL 1948, 1949, 1951
Bill Fox 1952 TANFL
Jack Rough 1953–1960 TANFL 1953, 1955, 1956, 1958
John Chick 1961–1963 TANFL
Bob Parsons 1964–1968 TANFL 1965
Graeme Gahan 1969–1970 TANFL
Trevor Sprigg 1971–1974 TANFL
Peter Hudson 1975–1976 TANFL 1975
Jack Rough 1977–1979 TANFL
Colin Tully 1980 TANFL
Peter Hudson 1981 TANFL
Garry Davidson 1982–1984 TANFL 1983
Danny Ling 1985–1987 TANFL/TFL Statewide 1985, 1986
Robert Groenewegen 1988 TFL Statewide
Billy Picken 1989 TFL Statewide
Danny Ling 1990–1991 TFL Statewide
Kim Excell 1992–1995 TFL Statewide
Paul Hamilton 1996–1999 TFL Statewide/TSFL 1999
Shayne Stevenson 2000 SWL
Steve Reissig 2001 SFL
Leigh McConnon 2002 SFL
John Klug 2003–2004 SFL
David Newett 2005–2007 SFL 2007
Michael Bowden 2008 SFL 2008
Ben Reid 2009–2010 TSL
Byron Howard 2011 SFL
Ben Beams 2012–2013 TSL
Aaron Cornelius 2014–2017 TSL 2016
Paul Kennedy 2018–2021 TSL
Aaron Cornelius 2022– TSL

Glenorchy District Football Club Team of the Century: 1919–2000 edit

VFL/AFL Players edit

Notable players that went on the play in the VFL/AFL who started at Glenorchy:

Players who came to Glenorchy post-career:[2]

Honours edit

Club edit

Individual edit

William Leitch Medallists edit

(Best and fairest player – TFL and SFL premier senior football)

George Watt Medallists edit

(Best and fairest player – TFL reserves football)

  • 1963 – Dal Johnson
  • 1968 – W. Hayes
  • 1973 – P. Lynsky (tied)
  • 1981 – Wayne Olding
  • 1987 – Mark Horner (three-way tie)
  • 1988 – Steven Hay
  • 2006 – Clinton French

V. A. Geard Medallists edit

(Best and fairest player – TFL thirds football)

  • 1950 – J.Chick
  • 1956 – D. Cranfield
  • 1974 – L. Berwick
  • 1981 – N. Jeffrey

D. R. Plaister Medallists edit

(Best and fairest – TFL fourths football)

  • 1978 – Jamie Woolley
  • 1991 – Craig Grace

Lefroy Medallists edit

(Best and fairest – Tasmanian state team)

  • 1965 – M. McMahon (tied)
  • 1979 – Darryl Sutton
  • 1986 – David Pearce
  • 2009 – Shane Piuselli (tied)
  • 2019 – Aiden Grace

Horrie Gorringe Medallists edit

(Best on field in the Premier League Grand Final)

  • 2007 – Brad Curran
  • 2008 – Damian McIver

Tassie Medalists edit

  • 2012 – Jaye Bowden
  • 2015 – Jaye Bowden
  • 2016 – Jaye Bowden

References edit

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