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Gladysdale Post Office opened on 17 July 1914 and closed in 1978.[2] Originally called "Slatey creek" but was renamed as mail kept going to Slatey Creek up near St Arnard Vic. It was Renamed after Gladys Petitt the daughter of the post mistress at the time. The post office was first ran by Victorian Hardwood company who had the contract for the mail along the tramway at the time. The tram line ran from Powelltown to Yarra Junction.

Petitt Lane in Gladysdale is named after the Petitt family who owned land in that area at the time .The Lloyds brought land off them for their Sawmill. Ernest Lloyd a Saw miller who also served on council for many years was also the president of the Gladysdale cricket club and Yarra Junction Football donated the land for a oval and reserve and is now named after him. Just south of the reserve is the sight of the tram way stop "Siding No 1" which open in 1913 but was closed by 1920 ( exact reason and date is unknown)


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