Giuseppe Resnati

Giuseppe Resnati (born 26 August 1955) is an Italian chemist with interests in supramolecular chemistry and fluorine chemistry. He has a particular focus on self-assembly processes driven by halogen bonds[2] and chalcogen bonds.[3]

Giuseppe Resnati
Born (1955-08-26) 26 August 1955 (age 64)
Spouse(s)Maria Antonia Civati[citation needed]
ChildrenChiara and Claudia
Alma materUniversity of Milan
Known forhalogen bond and chalcogen bond
Scientific career
ThesisAsymmetric Synthesis Via Chiral Sulfoxides (1988)
Doctoral studentsPierangelo Metrangolo

Education and professional positionsEdit

Resnati was born in Monza, Italy. He obtained his PhD in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Milan in 1988 with Prof. Carlo Scolastico and a thesis on asymmetric synthesis via chiral sulfoxides. After a period of activity at the Italian National Research Council, in 2001 he became professor of chemistry for materials at the Politecnico di Milano.

Research interestsEdit

His research interests cover/have covered the following topics:

Honors and awardsEdit


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