Giuseppe La Farina

Giuseppe La Farina (20 July 1815 in Messina – 5 September 1863 in Torino) was an influential leader of the Italian Risorgimento. He was founder of the Italian National Society in 1857, a society dedicated to the unification of Italy.

Giuseppe La Farina
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Messina, Italy
Torino, Italy
Known forItalian unification leader
Monument to Giuseppe La Farina, Santa Croce, Florence
Monument to Giuseppe La Farina, Turin


He was born in Messina in Sicily on 29 July 1815.

Minister of Cavour, was highly involved in Garibaldi's departure for Sicily. Ostensibly sent by Cavour to dissuade Garibaldi from going, he in fact did little of the sort. A nationalist at heart, he was believed to be one of the few to whom Cavour actually revealed his intentions regarding the Sicilian campaign and eventual unification.

He died in Turin on 5 September 1863 aged only 47. His ashes were later relocated to his family tomb in Messina.

A large monument to his memory stands in the south-west corner of the cloister of the Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence.


A high school in Messina is named after him.

In 1919 the Italian Navy named a ship after him.

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