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Gisulf I of Friuli

This cross has traditionally been linked to Gisulf.

Gisulf I (Latin: Gisulfus I) was probably the first duke of Friuli (then Forum Julii). He was a nephew of Alboin, first king of the Lombards in Italy, who appointed him duke around 569 after the Lombard conquest of the region, though some scholars believe he appointed his brother Grasulf I, Gisulf's father.

Before this, Gisulf had been Alboin's marpahis or "master of the horse", sometimes considered a shield-bearer. He was, according to Paul the Deacon, "a man suitable in every way." He asked Alboin for permission to choose which faras or clans he would lead or rule over in Friuli, and this request was granted. He thus chose which families would settle permanently in Friuli, and he "acquired the honour of a leader (ducior)."[1] As well, Alboin granted him a great herd of mares, perhaps in recognition of his former service.

He reigned during the Rule of the Dukes from 575 to 585. He was succeeded by his son, Gisulf II.


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Preceded by
Duke of Friuli
c. 569 – c. 590
Succeeded by
Gisulf II