Giro di Puglia

The Giro di Puglia (English: Tour of Apulia) was a road bicycle racing stage race. It consisted of three or four stages. It was first held in 1972, but last took place in 1998.

Giro di Puglia
Race details
RegionApulia, Italy
English nameTour of Apulia
Local name(s)Giro di Puglia (in Italian)
DisciplineRoad race
TypeStage race
OrganiserRCS Sport
First edition1972 (1972)
Final edition2008
First winner Franco Bitossi (ITA)
Most wins Giuseppe Saronni (ITA) (3 wins)
Final winner Glenn Magnusson (SWE)
Year Winner Second Third
1972 Italy Franco Bitossi Sweden Gösta Pettersson Sweden Tomas Pettersson
1973 Italy Felice Gimondi Italy Franco Bitossi Italy Michele Dancelli
1974 Italy Fabrizio Fabbri Denmark Ole Ritter Italy Sigfrido Fontanelli
1975 Italy Giovanni Battaglin Italy Franco Bitossi Italy Constantino Conti
1976 Italy Francesco Moser Spain Miguel María Lasa Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli
1977 Italy Pierino Gavazzi Italy Marino Basso Italy Giuseppe Saronni
1978 Italy Giuseppe Saronni Italy Francesco Moser Italy Wladimiro Panizza
1979 Belgium Roger De Vlaeminck Italy Vittorio Algeri Italy Silvano Contini
1980 Italy Giuseppe Saronni Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli Norway Knut Knudsen
1981 Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli Italy Claudio Torelli Italy Giovanni Mantovani
1982 Sweden Alf Segersäll Italy Vittorio Algeri Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli
1983 Italy Mario Noris Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Vinko Polončič
1984 Italy Giovanni Mantovani Italy Claudio Torelli Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli
1985 Italy Silvano Contini Italy Fabrizio Verza Italy Luciano Rabottini
1986 Italy Roberto Pagnin Italy Giuseppe Saronni Denmark Dag Erik Pedersen
1987 Italy Guido Bontempi Italy Roberto Visentini Italy Ezio Moroni
1988 Italy Giuseppe Saronni Italy Franco Chioccioli Switzerland Stephan Joho
1989 Italy Angelo Lecchi Italy Emanuele Bombini Italy Fabrizio Convalle
1990 Italy Guido Bontempi Italy Stefano Colagè Italy Marco Vitale
1991 Italy Fabiano Fontanelli Italy Enrico Zaina Italy Marco Lietti
1992 France Dominique Arnould France Gerard Rue France Christophe Manin
1993 Italy Giuseppe Calcaterra Italy Luca Gelfi Italy Massimo Ghirotto
1994-95 not organized
1996 Italy Fabrizio Guidi Italy Francesco Casagrande Italy Stefano Colagè
1997 Italy Silvio Martinello Italy Sergio Barbero Sweden Glenn Magnusson
1998 Sweden Glenn Magnusson Italy Massimo Donati Estonia Jaan Kirsipuu