Girne District

Girne District[1] (Turkish: Girne İlçesi) is one of six districts of Northern Cyprus. It is divided between two sub-districts: Girne Sub-district and the Çamlıbel Sub-district. Its capital is Kyrenia, also known by its Turkish name, as Girne. Its population was 73,577 in the 2011 census.[2] Its Governor is Mehmet Envergil.[3] It has the same boundaries as the Kyrenia District of Cyprus, a distinct political entity and local government-in-exile which claims the same territory.

Location of Girne District within Northern Cyprus.
Girne District

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Coordinates: 35°12′03″N 33°26′51″E / 35.2007°N 33.4474°E / 35.2007; 33.4474