Girl No. 217

Girl No. 217 (Russian: Человек № 217, translit. Chelovek No. 217) is a 1945 Soviet drama film directed by Mikhail Romm. It was entered into the 1946 Cannes Film Festival.[1]

Girl No. 217
Girl No. 217.jpg
Film poster
Directed byMikhail Romm
Written byMikhail Romm
Yevgeny Gabrilovich
StarringYelena Kuzmina
Vladimir Balashov
Tatyana Barysheva
Heinrich Greif
Music byAram Khachaturian
CinematographyBoris Volchek
Era Savelyeva
Release date
  • 9 April 1945 (1945-04-09)
CountrySoviet Union

An anti-Nazi film, it depicted a Russian girl enslaved to an inhuman German family.[2][3] She is even robbed of her name and forced to answer to "No. 217".[4] Subplots depict abuse directed at other POWs.[4] This reflected the use by Nazis of OST-Arbeiter as slave labour, including as family servants.



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