Giovanni Francesco Fortunio

Giovanni Francesco Fortunio (Zadar or Pordenone,[1] ca. 1470 – Fano, 1517) was an Italian grammarian, jurist and humanist.


He is especially remembered for having printed in 1516 the first ever Italian grammar book with the title Regole grammaticali della volgar lingua. It contains a morphological and orthographical analysis of the Tuscan vernacular based upon works by Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarca e Giovanni Boccaccio.[2]

He was also an important politician and vicarian.


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  1. ^ Uncertain origin; documents in Trieste report Portunaone, while at Ancona the origin is marked as Hyadria ("Zara") in Dalmatia
  2. ^ This work was very successful. The re-edition printed in Venice (Aldo Manuzio, 1552) is available at 24 Italian libraries: Regole grammaticali della volgar lingua, di messer Francesco Fortunio, nuouamente reuiste, et con somma diligentia corrette.