Gille Críst, Earl of Angus

Gille Críst, Earl of Angus ruled until 1206 as Mormaer of Angus. He was a son of Gille Brigte of Angus and younger brother of Adam of Angus.

Almost nothing is known of him except that he married Marjorie of Huntingdon, the daughter of Henry of Scotland and Ada de Warenne, and that he was succeeded by his son Donnchad before 1206. His daughter Bethóc (Beatrix) was married to Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward of Scotland and was mother to Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland. It is claimed that Marjorie of Huntingdon married secondly (as his second wife), Sir William de Lindsay of Luffness and Crawford (born c. 1148 – died c. 1200), but such a marriage did not occur. Gille Críst, Earl of Angus and Marjorie of Huntingdon were ancestors of Robert I (known as Robert the Bruce), King of Scots (b. 11 July 1274 - d. 7 June 1329).[1][2][3]

Gille Críst, 4th Earl of Angus had by his first wife, Marjorie of Huntingdon (youngest daughter of Henry of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon and his wife, Ada de Warenne), the following son and daughter:

  • Donnchadh (or Donnchad), 5th Earl of Angus who succeeded him before 1206.
  • Bethóc (or Beatrix) who was married to Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward of Scotland and mother to Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland.

Gille Críst, 4th Earl of Angus had by his second wife, Ingibiorg Ericsdottir of Caithness (daughter of Eric Thorliotsson), the following son:

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