Gigi Zanchetta

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Gigliola (Gigi) Zanchetta Pirella (born April 3, 1966) is a Venezuelan actress.

Gigi Zanchetta
Gigliola Concepción Zanchetta Pirela[1]

April 3, 1966 (1966-04-03) (age 58)
Caracas, Venezuela
Years active1981–present
Height1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
SpouseRicardo Mandini

Life and career edit

Zanchetta has made her television debut in the telenovela Cristal;[1] she later specialized in the genre, appearing in over 20 telenovelas, among them Primavera alongside Fernando Carrillo and Cara Sucia.[1][2] In the mid-1990s she has sparked controversy for being the first Venezuelan celebrity to pose nude for a magazine, appearing in the cover of the Spanish magazine Interviú.[1] She was also active in films and in theatre.[1] Her last telenovela role was in 2012; since then she moved to Spain with her son, leaving the entertainment industry.[1] A former backer of Chavismo and of Nicolás Maduro, she eventually publicly regretted about her support to him and attacked him on various occasions.[1][3][4]

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