Giggle Comics is an American comics anthology. It was originally published by Creston Publications, which became an imprint of American Comics Group (ACG) in 1943.[1] Giggle Comics had many stories with funny animals, mirroring a wider trend.[2]

Giggle Comics
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Publication information
PublisherCreston Publications
American Comics Group
ScheduleVaried between monthly and bi-monthly
FormatOngoing when in publication
Publication dateOct. 1943 – Jan. 1955
No. of issues99

Publication historyEdit

Giggle Comics was published under the Creston imprint for issues #1–63; issues #64-onward were under the ACG name. The title published 99 issues, from Oct. 1943 – Jan. 1955, when it changed its name to Spencer Spook, publishing two more issues before finally being cancelled in June 1955.

Ongoing featuresEdit

  • Superkatt — Long-running series by Dan Gordon, under the pen name "Dang." Superkatt is an anthropomorphic cat who wears a bowtie, bonnet, and diaper as a superhero costume.


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