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Bottles of gifiti, showing herbs and roots.
Shot of gifiti from Travellers Liquors

Gifiti (also guifiti, giffidy, geffidee[1]) is a rum-based bitters, made by soaking roots and herbs in rum. It is traditionally made by the Garifuna people of the Caribbean coast. Gifiti is traditionally used medicinally, with different compositions for men and women, but is also consumed recreationally, most commonly as shots. Color depends on composition; it is often green or brown.


Recipes vary, but common ingredients are as follows.[2]

Local ingredients include:

More familiar ingredients include:


Bottle of commercially available gifiti by Travellers Liquors

Gifiti is common in areas with Garifuna people, notably Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Gifiti is frequently made at home, with varying recipes. It is also available commercially, such as from Travellers Liquors of Belize.