Giannitsa Lake

Giannitsa Lake (Greek: Λίμνη Γιαννιτσών), also known as Lake Loudias (Greek: Λίμνη Λουδία) is a former post-glacial lake in Central Macedonia, Greece, south of the town of Giannitsa. It was drained from 1928–1932. The plain of Roumlouki stretched to its south.

Map of the battle of Giannitsa, also showing the lake

The lake was shallow, swampy, and variable-sized. It was fed by the Loudias River and was drained in 1928–1932 by the New York Foundation Company.[1]

The Lake played a major role in the Macedonian Struggle between the Greeks and Bulgarians in 1904–1908 as it provided hiding places for the armed bands of both sides. The conflict for control of the Lake is the central historical event of Penelope Delta's 1937 novel The Secrets of the Swamp.


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