Giacomo Cordelli

Giacomo Cordelli was an Italian painter, active circa 1600-1620.


He was born in Viterbo, and is known for the lunette frescoes, depicting old-testament subjects, in the choir adjacent to the Augustinian church of the Santissimi Trinita in the town. The style is a late-mannerist style, somewhat crude and recalling the style of painting used on maiolica. The subjects include:[1]

  • Samson drinks from the jawbone of an ass
  • Into the Philistine grain fields, Samson releases the jackals (or wolves) with flames tied to their tails
  • Samson carries away the portals of Gaza
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Furnace
  • Habakkuk, transported by the angel, brings food to Daniel in the lion's den
  • Abraham and the three angels

The frescoes depicting the life of Saint Augustine were painted by Marzio Ganassini.[2] Some sources attribute to him engineering works.[3]


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