Gestriklands Fotbollförbund

The Gestriklands Fotbollförbund (Gestrikland Football Association) is one of the 24 district organisations of the Swedish Football Association. It administers lower tier football in Gästrikland in Norrland.[1]

Gestriklands Fotbollförbund
Gestriklands FF logo.svg
AbbreviationGestriklands FF
Formation28 March 1915
PurposeDistrict Football Association
Örjan Ohlström


Gestriklands Fotbollförbund, commonly referred to as Gestriklands FF, is the governing body for football in the historical province of Gestrikland. The Association was founded on 28 March 1915 and currently has 46 member clubs. Based in Gävle, the Association's Chairman is Örjan Ohlström.[2]

Affiliated MembersEdit

The following clubs are affiliated to the Gestriklands FF:[2]

League CompetitionsEdit

Gestriklands FF run the following League Competitions:

Men's FootballEdit

Division 4 - one section
Division 5 - one section
Division 6 - two sections
Division 7 - three sections[2]

Women's FootballEdit

Division 3 - one section
Division 4 - one section[2]


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