Gesta episcoporum Leodiensium

The Gesta episcoporum Leodiensium ("Deeds of the Bishops of Liège") is a history of the diocese of Liège written by the monk Gilles of Orval between 1247 and 1251.[1] At about the same time, Gilles also composed an epitome of his history, the Gesta episcoporum Leodensium abbreviata.[1] It was first edited by Johannes Heller for the Monumenta Germaniae Historica in 1880.[2]

Gilles sought to continue the earlier gesta of Heriger of Lobbes and Anselm of Liège from 1048 down to 1247.[3] As a historian, he was rather uncritical.[3] His is the earliest account to mention any children of King Zwentibold.


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