German-Baltic Reform Party

The German-Baltic Reform Party (German: Deutsch-Baltische Reformpartei) was a Baltic German political party in Latvia during the inter-war period. It contested elections as part of the Committee of the German Baltic Parties alliance. The party was led by Edwin Magnus.[1]


The party was formed on 25 January 1920 by moderate rightwing-liberal sectors in the German minority. It was dissolved on 15 May 1934 following the self-coup by Kārlis Ulmanis.

Members of the SaeimaEdit

Body Years Member Notes
Constituent Assembly 1920–1922 Edwin Magnus
First Saiema 1922–1925 Manfred von Vegesack
Second Saeima 1925–1928
Third Saeima 1928–1931 Lothar Schoeler
Fourth Saeima 1931–1934 Lothar Schoeler Alliance leader from 19 October 1933


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