Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Geraldine Fitzpatrick (born 1958) is an Australian professor and academic researcher who serves as the head of the Human-Computer Interaction Group at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) since 2009.[1] Her research is interdisciplinary at the intersection of social and computer sciences.


Fitzpatrick started her degree in Computer Science in 1989, in University of Queensland.[2] She holds a PhD in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering[3] and an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.[4]

Fitzpatrick also holds a certificate in midwifery (1983).[citation needed]


Fitzpatrick's research is on social interaction and spans a range of areas including collaboration, health and well-being,[5] technology-enabled mental health[6] and active engagement for older people.[7][8]

Prior to her career in information technologies, Fitzpatrick worked as a midwife and a nurse. After completing her degree in computer science, she worked as a research fellow at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre and Centre for Online Health in Australia. She was the Director of the Interact Lab at the University of Sussex.[9]

Fitzpatrick is a member of the ACM Distinguished Member Committee,[10] the ACM CHI Steering Committee.[11] She is the Austrian representative on IFIP TC13.[12] She was the former associate editor and is on the Editorial Advisory Board of the CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) journal.[13]

She is also an ACM Distinguished Speaker.[7]



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