Georgi Rakovski Street

Georgi Rakovski Street (Bulgarian: Улица Георги Раковски, Ulitsa Georgi Rakovski), usually called with its old name Rakovska, is an important street in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, located in the central area of the city. It is named after the famous Bulgarian revolutionary Georgi Sava Rakovski. It lies between the Slivnitsa Boulevard to the north and Evlogi Georgiev Boulevard to the south.

Georgi S. Rakovski Street
Rakovski street Sofia.jpg
Central part of Rakovski street
Native nameУлица Георги С. Раковски (Bulgarian)
LocationBulgaria Sofia City Center, Bulgaria
Coordinates42°41′36.29″N 23°19′40.14″E / 42.6934139°N 23.3278167°E / 42.6934139; 23.3278167Coordinates: 42°41′36.29″N 23°19′40.14″E / 42.6934139°N 23.3278167°E / 42.6934139; 23.3278167
FromKozloduy Street 42°42′28″N 23°19′41″E / 42.707639°N 23.328137°E / 42.707639; 23.328137
Slaveykov Square, Central Military Club, Alexander Nevsky Square
ToEvlogi Georgiev Boulevard 42°41′03″N 23°19′25″E / 42.684273°N 23.323614°E / 42.684273; 23.323614
Known forTheaters, Shopping, Banks, Ministries

The street passes along some of Sofia's major landmarks such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Central Military Club and between the Slaveykov Square and Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov Boulevard are located many of the theatres in Sofia and it is nicknamed the Theatre Street or Sofia's Broadway:[1]

There are several ministries along the street or very close to it — the Ministry of Economics and Energetics and the Ministry of Finance.



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