Georgi Karaslavov

Georgi Karaslavov (Bulgarian: Георги Караславов) (12 January 1904 – 26 January 1980) was a Bulgarian writer born in the Debar district of the town of Parvomay in Plovdiv Province. Several of his novels, including Snaha, Tatul, and Selkor, were made into films.[1]

Georgi Karaslavov
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Born(1904-01-12)12 January 1904
Died26 January 1980(1980-01-26) (aged 76)


A school in Sofia is named for Karaslavov, and there is a bust of Karaslavov in the park behind Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia. A full size statue of Karaslavov has been placed in the town of Parvomay.

There is the Georgi Karaslavov Award [bg] (National Literature Award "Georgi Karaslavov") named in his honor.[2]