Georgetown Raiders Sr. A

The Georgetown Raiders were an ice hockey team from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. They competed in the OHA Senior A and Intermediate A ranks in the 1970s and 1980s.

Georgetown Raiders
Georgetown Raiders Sr.JPG
CityGeorgetown, Ontario
LeagueCentral Int. "B" 1968-1970
Niagara Int. "A" 1970-1979
Georgian Bay Int. "A" 1979-1980
Major Int. "A" 1980-1983
OHA Sr. "A" 1983-1986
Operated1953 (1953)-1986
Home arenaGeorgetown Arena
ColoursBlue, Red, and White

The Raiders won the W.G. Hardy Trophy, also known as the Hardy Cup, as the Canadian Intermediate A champions in 1982. They are not known to be connected to another Georgetown Raiders team which is currently a member of the Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League.


Georgetown was an entry in the Niagara District Intermediate A Hockey League, which folded in 1979. Georgetown was one of two teams from that loop (the Dundas Merchants were the other) to be accepted into the Georgian Bay Intermediate A league, with which the Niagara league had played an interlocking schedule. The league changed its name to the Major Intermediate A Hockey League in 1980.

The Raiders played four years in the Georgian Bay/Major league and finished in first place three times. They also advanced to the playoff final in all four seasons, losing to Dundas in 1980, beating the Owen Sound Greys in 1981, defeating the Collingwood Shipbuilders in 1982 and losing to Collingwood in 1983.

In 1982, the Raiders became the first OHA team to ever win the Hardy Cup. Only two Ontario teams ever one it, the other being the Dundas Real McCoys in 1986. The Hardy Cup was the Senior "AA"/Intermediate "A" National Championship.

The Major Intermediate A league folded in 1983. Georgetown was one of three teams accepted into the OHA Senior A league. Its fate after this point is not known.

Season-by-season resultsEdit

Season GP W L T GF GA P Results Playoffs
1978-79 33 23 9 1 219 123 47 1st NIAHL Won League
1979-80 36 19 16 1 189 176 39 3rd GBIAHL
1980-81 36 32 3 1 267 116 65 1st OHA Int. A Won League
1981-82 36 32 4 0 289 132 64 1st OHA Int. A Won League, Won Hardy Cup
1982-83 29 24 5 0 238 105 48 1st OHA Int. A Lost Final
1983-84 38 25 12 1 235 154 51 2nd OHA Sr. A
1984-85 39 24 15 0 235 156 48 3rd OHA Sr. A
1985-86 36 21 14 1 153 155 43 3rd OHA Sr. A