Georges Flamant

Georges Flamant (1903–1990) was a French film actor.

Georges Flamant
Born3 September 1903
Died23 July 1990
Years active1931-1959 (film)

Flamant came to attention for his role as a pimp in Jean Renoir's 1931 film La Chienne where he starred alongside Janie Marèse. He began a relationship with Marèse, but while driving on a holiday in the South of France their car crashed and she was killed.[1] Flamant was widely vilified in the press for his role in the tragedy, and was ostracised by some parts of the film community for several years. He subsequently married the star Viviane Romance, and appeared alongside her in several productions.

His final film performance was in François Truffaut's New Wave drama The 400 Blows in 1959.

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