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George Telek Mamua, commonly known simply as Telek is a musician and singer from Papua New Guinea.

Born in 1959 in Barovon village near Kokopo in East New Britain Province, Telek is one of the few Papua New Guinean singers to gain an international following. Telek sang with various bands in Papua New Guinea early in his career - most notably with the contemporary Tolai group Painim Wok where he was the lead vocalist. Telek met David Bridie of the Australian band Not Drowning, Waving, and they recorded the highly successful album Tabaran.

Telek recorded his first solo album, Telek outside Papua New Guinea in 1997. This album won an ARIA award for Best World Music Album. He recorded his second international album Serious Tam in 2000 at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in England. He followed that up with Amette, which was released in 2004. His most recent album Akave was released through the Wantok Music-label.

Telek sings in his native language, Kuanua, and in Tok Pisin. Many of his songs are sung in three-part harmonies that are characteristic of the Tolai.

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