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George Salter (5 October 1897 – 31 October 1967), born Georg Salter, was an originally German, and from 1940 onwards US-American book cover designer. He revolutionized cover design for books.[1] He claimed worldwide fame for his design for Alfred Döblins Berlin Alexanderplatz.[2]


Georg Salter was born in Bremen, the child of a Hamburg musician. In the year of his birth, his parents converted from Judaism to Christian faith. With his parents and three siblings he moved to Berlin. After finishing school and serving in the military, he studied in the art craft school in Berlin. 1921, he began work as set designer. Starting in 1927, he started working as designer for the publisher Verlag Die Schmiede.

Salter taught at the Municipal Art School in Berlin in the early 1930s, where he taught designer Hans Barschel.[3] In November 1934 Salter emigrated to the US and started living in New York, where he immediately began to design book jackets for US publishers. He became an American citizen in 1940.[4] He created the covers for Carl Zuckmayers The Moons Ride Over (1937) and William Shirers Berlin Diary (1941), among others. In 1938, he started leading the design department of Mercury Publications, and in the decade that followed, designed 185 book covers and around 30 magazine covers.

Salter was married to Agnes O'Shea and had one daughter, Janet. He died in New York City on October 31, 1967.[4]


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