George Montandon

George-Alexis Montandon (19 April 1879 – August 1944) was a Swiss French anthropologist. He was a proponent of scientific racism prior to World War II. During the German occupation of France, he was responsible for the anti-Semitic exhibition Le Juif et la France.

George Montandon
George-Alexis Montandon

19 April 1879
DiedAugust 1944 (aged 65)
NationalitySwiss French
Known forLe Juif et la France
De Loys's ape

Ethnologist at the Musée de l'Homme , theoretician of racism, collaborator and anti- Semite, he was one of the guarantors of a so-called "scientific" racism before the Second World War. However, even under Vichy, he and the movement to which he belonged with René Martial remained marginal in the French intellectual world.[1]


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