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George Melville Baker

Cover of The Boston Dip written and published by George M. Baker, 1873

George Melville Baker (1832–1890) was a playwright and publisher in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 19th century. He worked for Lee & Shepard publishers, then opened his own imprint. "George M. Baker & Co." issued works by authors such as Henry M. Baker, F.E. Chase,[1] and Herbert Pelham Curtis. Baker's company ceased in 1885, succeeded by his brother's "Walter H. Baker & Co."[2][3] George Baker also performed with comedian Henry C. Barnabee, appearing in "lyceum entertainments" in New England.[4] He belonged to the Mercantile Library Association.[5] He married Emily Bowles in 1858;[6] children included novelist Emilie Loring, playwright Rachel Baker Gale, and screenwriter Robert Melville Baker.


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