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George Maclean, Governor of Gold Coast.

George Maclean (2 February 1801 – 22 May 1847) was Governor of Gold Coast, now in Ghana, from 1830 until 1844.[1] Maclean was a member of the Royal African Colonial Corps and was stationed in British West Africa from 1826 until 1828. In 1830 he became the Governor of Cape Coast, a position he retained until 1844.[1]



George Maclean, born in Keith,[2] Banffshire, Scotland, was the son of the minister, Rev James Maclean and his wife Elizabeth Tod daughter of George Tod of Elgin.[3]

George's half-brother, James, a Captain in the Gold Coast Corps, who died in 1877, served under him.

He married poet Letitia Elizabeth Landon and is buried at Cape Coast Castle.[1] They had no children.


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