George Kotsonaros

George Kotsonaros (Greek: Γεώργιος Κωτσονάρος; October 16, 1892 in Nafplio, Greece – July 13, 1933 in Eutaw, Alabama) was a Greek-born professional wrestler and film actor. He acted mostly in silent pictures. His original name was Giorgios Demetrios Kotsonaros; he emigrated to the United States in July 1910.

His swarthy, menacing face—and pugilist's rearranged nose—got him many roles as a tough guy or a prizefighter at a time when boxing movies were a flourishing subgenre due to the sport's huge popularity with the public.

Most of Kotsonaros's films are today considered lost, as is the case with most silent films. Later, Kotsonaros began a career in professional wrestling. On July 13, 1933, Kotsonaros was driving through Alabama when his car overturned, killing him.[1]



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