George DeNormand

George DeNormand (1903 – 1976) was an American actor and stuntman.

DeNormand was an amateur middleweight boxer in the 1920s.[1]

He was a prolific though often uncredited actor and stunt double in movies such as The Raven and Bride of Frankenstein.[1] He was a stunt double in The Lone Ranger serials in the 1930s.[2]

He made headlines in 1944 when he stole a bracelet valued at $20,000 as a prank[3] and in 1945 due to his connection with a black market meat ration ring.[4]

In a 1969 episode of My Three Sons ("Came the Day"), he was to play the uncle of the bride (Beverly Garland), but he faltered so many times while walking her down the aisle that DeCordova, the director, recast Tony Regan in the role.[5]

Later in his career, he participated in a discussion panel on movie serial at the Fantasy Film convention in 1973[6] and was also interviewed by Jim Harmon.[1]

He was married to and divorced from Wanda Tuchoch (1898 – 1985).[7]

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