Georg Ludwig Carius

A simple sealed tube (Carius tube). Thick-walled glass tube (left), filled with reaction mixture (center) and sealed tube (right).

Georg Ludwig Carius (August 24, 1829 – April 24, 1875) was a German chemist born in Barbis, in the Kingdom of Hanover. He studied under Friedrich Wöhler and was assistant to Robert Bunsen for 6 years. He was Director of the Marburger Chemical Institute (Marburger Chemischen Instituts) of Philipps University of Marburg from 1865.[1] He is noted for the studies of oxidation for which he developed a method involving high temperature digestion in a sealed tube. Heavy wall sealed tubes, as used for digestion or thermolysis are referred to as "Carius tubes". He also wrote a textbook on polybasic acids.


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