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Georg Christian, Fürst von Lobkowitz

Johann Georg Christian, Prince of Lobkowitz (Czech: Jan Jiří Christian z Lobkovic; August 10, 1686 in Prague – October 4, 1755 in Vienna), was an Austrian Generalfeldmarschall (field marshal). He was a member of the old Bohemian noble family of Lobkowicz, of which family he established a cadet branch, the Hořín-Mělník line.



He was born as a son of Philip Hyacinth Joseph, 3rd Prince of Lobkowicz and Duke of Sagan (1680–1737) and his second wife, Marie Anna Wilhelmine von Althann. In his adult age he fought under Prince Eugene of Savoy against the French in the War of the Spanish Succession and later against the Turks during the Austro-Turkish War of 1716–1718. Since 1717 he commanded his own cuirassier regiment.

In 1732 became Governor of Sicily (the island was for a short time a part of Habsburg realm). On November 28, 1739 was made a Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece. In 1741 he attained the rank of field marshal.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, he fought successfully the French (under the command of Maréchal de Belle-Isle) and Bavarians between Prague and Munich; through the actions of his troops he managed to close and besiege de Belle-Isle men in Prague. Later, he was appointed as the Governor of the Duchy of Milan (1743–45). Subsequently, he became the commander-in-chief of the Habsburg forces in Italy, where he lost the Battle of Velletri (1744) against the army of King Charles III of Spain.

In 1745 composer Christoph Willibald Gluck accepted an invitation to become house composer at London's King's Theatre, travelling to England in the company of Georg Christian. Either Gluck or Georg Christian bought a copy of Handel's Messiah.[1]


Johann Georg Christian married Countess Henriette von Waldstein-Wartenburg (1702–1780) in Prague on November 11, 1718. They had 10 children. Two of their sons were killed in battle; two other sons, Joseph Maria Karl (1724–1802) and August Joseph Anton (1729–1803), served in the Austrian military and diplomatic corps and became Knights in the Order of the Golden Fleece and one, Ferdinand-Maria, Prince of Lobkowicz, became bishop of Ghent.

Johann Georg Christian, Fürst von Lobkowitz: married to Henriette von Waldstein-Wartenburg.

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  1. ^ This copy was used around 1789 by Mozart for his adaption of this oratorio (K. 572) and is now deposited in collections of the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague.


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