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A genie (Arabic: جن‎) or jinni is a spiritual creature mentioned in Ancient Arabian culture and Islamic theology.

Genie may also refer to:


  • Eugenie Bouchard (born 1994), Canadian tennis player
  • Eugenie Genie Francis (born 1962), American actress, best known for playing Laura Spencer on the soap opera General Hospital
  • Genie Chance (1927–1998), American journalist, radio broadcaster, and politician
  • Genie Clark Pomeroy (1867–?), American writer and poet
  • Genie (feral child) (born 1957), American feral child
  • Genie M. Smith (1852–?), American author and publisher
  • Genie Montalvo (born 1951), Puerto Rican actress, director, producer, and author
  • Genie Z. Laborde (born 1928), American author, educator, video producer, and artist
  • Genie Zhuo, Taiwanese actor and singer
  • Genie, professional wrestler from All-Star Wrestling
  • Ginni Mahi (born 1998), born to Rakesh Chander Mahi and Parmjit Kaur Mahi in Abadpura, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Ginni Mansberg (born 1968), general practitioner and television presenter
  • Ginni Rometty (born 1957), American business executive
  • Nodar Djin (1940–2002), Georgian-born Russian writer, journalist, and philosopher
  • Yana Djin (born 1969), American poet





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