Genesius, Count of Clermont

Genesius, Count of Clermont (died 725) was a noble of Gaul and reputed miracle worker. He was said to be count of Clermont

Genesius, Count of Clermont

According to the lessons of the Breviary of the Chapter of Camaleria (Acta Sanctorum June, I, 497), he was of noble birth; his father's name is given as Audastrius, and his mother's is Tranquilla. Even in his youth he is said to have wrought miracles—to have given sight to the blind and cured the lame.

He built and richly endowed several churches and religious houses. He was a friend of St. Bonitus, Bishop of Clermont, and of St. Meneleus, Abbot of Menat. He was buried at Combronde by St. Savinian, successor of Meneleus.

He is a Catholic saint, feast day 5 June.


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