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Generational list of programming languages

This is a "genealogy" of programming languages. Languages are categorized under the ancestor language with the strongest influence. Those ancestor languages are listed in alphabetical order. Any such categorization has a large arbitrary element, since programming languages often incorporate major ideas from multiple sources.


ALGOL basedEdit

APL basedEdit

  • APL
    • A+
    • J (also under FL)
    • K (also under LISP)
    • NESL
    • PDL (also under Perl)

BASIC basedEdit

Batch languagesEdit

C basedEdit

COBOL basedEdit

COMIT basedEdit

DCL basedEdit

ed basedEdit

Eiffel basedEdit

Forth basedEdit

Fortran basedEdit

FP basedEdit

HyperTalk basedEdit

Java basedEdit

JavaScript basedEdit

JOSS basedEdit

Lisp basedEdit

ML basedEdit

PL/I basedEdit

Prolog basedEdit

SASL basedEdit

SETL basedEdit

sh basedEdit

Simula basedEdit

Tcl basedEdit


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