General education liceum

A general education liceum (Polish:Liceum ogólnokształcące [liˈt͡sɛum ɔˌɡulnɔkʂtau̯ˈt͡sɔnt͡sɛ]) is an academic high school in the Polish educational system. They are attended by those who plan to further their academic education through the path different than Technikum or Vocational school.

Liceum Ogólnokształcące no. 2 in Tarnowskie Góry
Liceum Ogólnokształcące no. 1 in Legnica

On completing the liceum, students take a final exam called a "matura" (or "maturity exam") (equivalent to the A-Level).[1] About 100 days before the exam the traditional "studniówka" (prom ball) is organized.[2]

There are several types (ages of students in brackets):

  • General Liceum (16-19)
  • Specialized Liceum (16-19)
  • Supplementary Liceum (18-21)


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