General Directorate of Gendarmerie

General Directorate of Gendarmerie (GDG) or Darak forces (Arabic: المديرية العامة لقوات الدرك) is a public security agency of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which lies under the jurisdiction of the country's Ministry of Interior. The Directorate was formed by a Royal decree in 2008, and is tasked with maintaining security and order in the country.[2][1]

General Directorate of Gendarmerie
المديرية العامة لقوات الدرك
Agency overview
FormedJuly 10, 2008[1]
EmployeesApprox. 15,000[1]
Annual budget$350 million (2016 est.)
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyJordan
Operations jurisdictionJordan
Governing bodyGovernment of Jordan
General nature
Operational structure
HeadquartersAmman, Jordan 32°02′25″N 35°55′12″E / 32.040396°N 35.920132°E / 32.040396; 35.920132
Minister responsible
  • Sameer Mubaidin
Agency executive
  • Hussein Al-Hawatmeh, Director General
Parent agencyMinistry of Interior


In 1946, the Gendarmerie was integrated into the police.[1] In 2008, the GDG was established from units from the Public Security Directorate including the Special Security Forces (SSF) and Air Unit.[3]


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