Genç Kalemler

Genç Kalemler (meaning Young Pens in English) was an Ottoman literary and cultural magazine which was one of the earliest nationalist publications in the Ottoman Empire.[1] Murat Belge describes it as a pan-Turkist publication.[2] It was published between April 1911 and October 1912 in Thessaloniki, Ottoman Empire, and was the first Ottoman publication which called for having a national language.

Genç Kalemler
Gench Kalemler Front Page.jpg
Cover of Genç Kalemler
CategoriesLiterary magazine
Cultural magazine
Political magazine
FounderZiya Gökalp
Ömer Seyfettin
Ali Canip Yöntem
Year founded1911
First issue11 April 1911
Final issue1912
CountryOttoman Empire
Based inThessaloniki
LanguageOttoman Turkish

History and profileEdit

Genç Kalemler was first published on 11 April 1911 as a successor of Hüsn ve Şiir, a literary magazine.[2] The founders were the members of a literary group with the same name who were at the same time members of a group called the exponents of new language: Ziya Gökalp, Ömer Seyfettin and Ali Canip Yöntem.[1] The major tenet of the magazine was to implement the language reform to simplify the Ottoman language to improve the literacy and to avoid the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.[1] Another major view of the magazine contributors was that the Ottoman language could not be a national language due to its artificial nature and that Istanbul Turkish should be adopted as the official language of the Empire.[1] Ziya Gökalp's poem entitled Turan was first published in the magazine.[3] Genç Kalemler published a total of thirty-three issues before ceasing publication in October 1912.[2]


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