Gemilang (TV series)

Gemilang is a Malaysian television drama series Malaysia broadcast by Filmscape in 2011. It features Shalihan, Tiz Zaqyah, Kamal Adli, Tasha Shilla and Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan.[1] It aired on 24 January 2011 after 13 successful episodes. This drama tells us of four youths who opened private schools in remote areas for brighten the future of young children who do not excel in their studies.

Written byMira Mustaffa
Directed byKabir Bhatia
Tiz Zaqyah
Kamal Adli
Tasha Shilla
Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan
Voices ofShalihan
Tiz Zaqyah
Kamal Adli
Tasha Shilla
Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan
Narrated byShalihan
Tiz Zaqyah
Kamal Adli
Tasha Shilla
Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan
Country of originMalaysia
Original languageMalay
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
ProducersFrancis Foo
Kabir Bhatia
Mira Mustaffa
Production locationsKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Running timeMonday at (UTC+09:00) 21:00 MST
Production companyFilmscape
Original networkTV3
Picture format480i SDTV
First shown in24 January 2011
Original release24 January (2011-01-24) –
18 April 2011 (2011-04-18)
Preceded byNo Ordinary Family
Followed byJuvana
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Saifullah (Shah Jazle) comes from a family of rubber tappers are very difficult when the world hovered around rubber plantation in the 1960s. Saifullah have three more brothers. Four brothers when they were younger, their mother had died.

Not long after, their father would join their cause to separate siblings as given to the adoptive family. Saifullah a family of adopted children were, but he never forgot his origin.

Saifullah character is a courageous, courageous and strong. Teenager, Saifullah make his teacher, the teacher Talib (Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan) as his mentor.

As adults, Saifullah successfully continue their studies and after graduation he worked at the bank in the city. But his struggle to return to their hometowns to contribute to the population. In the spirit of overflowing, Saifullah establish a private school called the Institute of Glory.

Gemilang Institute opened in 1977 to provide a second chance to students. Those who fail or who can not take MCE and HSC examinations are most welcome in the school. Saifullah good faith to establish the Institute also supported from her former college friend, Umar (Kamal Adli), Asma (Tiz Zaqyah) and Ruhana (Tasha Shilla). They are all pioneers in the institute's teachers.

This is a character drama that depicted the four teachers into their golden years in which the characters are held Aimi Saifullah Jaar, Asmah (Kismah Johari), Umar (Zulkifli Zain) and Ruhana (Aznah Hamid).[2]


Main characterEdit

The students of the Institute GemilangEdit

  • Talha Harith as Azlan
  • Munif Isa as Johan
  • Syazwan Zulkifli as Ringgo @ Rizal, son to gambler father
  • Puteri Chi Chi as Dahlia
  • Amin Abu Bakar as Kahar
  • Gregory Sze Lai Huat as Chee Keong
  • Kishz as Raj
  • Nashreen as Hamzah
  • Diandra Arjunaidi as Suzanne
  • Syed Ali sebagai as Saif second brother
  • Chomatt Samad as Sadiq, Saif fourth brother

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  • Channel: B Channel


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