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The Gayoe, also known as the kuda-Gayo is a pony from the island of Sumatra, found near Aceh.[1] The name is derived from the Gayoe hills in the north of the island.[2]

Country of originSumatra, Indonesia

The Gayoe is one of eight breeds native to Indonesia; the others are the Batak Pony, Deli pony, Bali Pony, Java Pony, Sumba and Sumbawa Pony (and closely related Sandalwood Pony) and Timor Pony.[3]

Characteristics and usesEdit

Gayoe ponies are generally solid-colored, usually a dark bay shade commonly called "brown." Adults are approximately 12.2 hands (114 cm) tall at the withers, and small-bodied.[1]

They are primarily used for transportation on Sumatra, and the 1997 FAO Breed Survey indicated that the breed has a stable population of about 7500 animals, thus it is not endangered.[1]