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Gasoline Alley (radio)

Gasoline Alley was an American radio sitcom based on the popularity of the newspaper comic strip Gasoline Alley by Frank King. It first aired in 1931 [2] under the name "Uncle Walt and Skeezix".

Gasoline Alley
Genre Radio sitcom
Running time 15 minutes. (5:45 pm–6:00 pm)
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
Syndicates NBC Blue Network
Written by Kane Campbell [1]
Directed by Charles Schenck [1]
Original release 1931 (1931) – January 7, 1949 (1949-01-07)

In February 17, 1941 the show returned on NBC Radio under the name "Gasoline Alley", with almost the same cast. Unusual at the time, it was a literal transfer of the storyline that had appeared in the comics pages that very same morning.[1] This version ended on May 9, 1941.

The syndicated series of 1948–49 featured a cast of Bill Lipton, Mason Adams and Robert Dryden. Sponsored by Autolite, the program used opening theme music by the Polka Dots, a harmonica group. The 15-minute episodes focused on Skeezix running a gas station and garage, the Wallet and Bobble Garage, with his partner, Wilmer Bobble. In New York, this series aired on WOR from July 16, 1948 to January 7, 1949.[3]



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