Garuda Indonesia Flight 035

Garuda Indonesia Flight 035 was a domestic Garuda Indonesia flight that struck a pylon and crashed on approach to Medan-Polonia Airport on 4 April 1987.[1] 23 of the 45 passengers and crew on board were killed in the accident.

Garuda Indonesia Flight 035
PK-GNC Douglas DC-9 Garuda.jpg
A Garuda Indonesia Douglas Dc-9 similar to the crashed plane, on display in 2014
Date4 April 1987
SummaryCrashed on approach in bad weather
SiteMedan Airport, Indonesia
Aircraft typeDouglas DC-9-32
OperatorGaruda Indonesia
Flight originSultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Banda Aceh Indonesia
DestinationPolonia Airport, Medan Indonesia


The aircraft was on an Instrument Landing System approach to Medan Airport in a thunderstorm.[2] The aircraft struck electrical power lines and crashed short of the runway. The aircraft broke up and the tail section separated and fire broke out.[3]

Most of the survivors escaped through breaks in the fuselage and 11 were flung free of the aircraft.[3] Four of the eight crew died and 19 passengers suffered fatal injuries due to smoke inhalation and burns.[3] Four crew and 18 passengers suffered serious injuries.[3] All of the fatalities were a result of the fire and not due to the impact with the ground.[3]


The flight was carried out by a 1976-built Douglas DC-9-32 registered PK-GNQ. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.[4] This registration was later given to a Boeing 737-800, also operated by the same airline.


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