Gao of Xia

Gāo (Chinese: 皋) was an ancient king of China, the 15th ruler of the semi-legendary Xia Dynasty.[1] He possibly ruled 11 years.[2][3]

King Gao of Xia
King of the Xia dynasty
Reign1758 – 1747 BC
PredecessorKong Jia
SuccessorKing Fa
IssueKing Fa
FatherKong Jia

In the 3rd year of his regime, Gao restored the power of Tunwei, the nobleman deposed by Kong Jia, the father of Gao.[4]

Gao of Xia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Kong Jia
King of China
1758 BC – 1747 BC
Succeeded by


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