Galon (bishop of Beauvais)

Galon or Gallon (Galo, Gallo, Walo) was a Bishop of Beauvais (c. 1099-1104) and later Bishop of Paris (1104–1116). He was appointed a papal legate in Poland by Paschal II c. 1103.

Born in Beauvais, Galon became Abbot of Saint-Quentin, later enthroned a bishop thanks to the papal support of Paschal II. As a legate he supervised the course of Gregorian reform in the Polish Church. He summoned a council that deposed two bishops for disobeying the Canons including Cracovian Cazlaus (Czasław),[1] who had married. Galon was also first to bring to Poland the canon law collection Collectio trium partium, a work of his master St. Ivo, medieval canonist and Bishop of Chartres.

Galon was present at Council of Châlons in 1115. He died February 23, 1116.[2]


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