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Gaius Cilnius Proculus was a Roman senator active during the reign of Domitian. He was suffect consul for the nundinium September–December AD 87 with Lucius Neratius Priscus as his colleague.[1] It is unknown how or if Proculus is related to the better-known Gaius Maecenas. He is known only through surviving inscriptions.

Proculus was the governor of Moesia Superior; the period of his administration has recently been dated as extending from the year 100 to 102.[2] During his administration of the province, Proculus showed sufficient bravery in combat to be awarded dona militaria, or military decorations, likely as part of the Dacian Wars.[3] A Gaius Cilnius Proculus is known to be governor of Dalmatia during the reign of Trajan, but Werner Eck considers it more likely it was the son of this Proculus, suffect consul in the year 100, who was governor.[4]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Gaius Bellicius Natalis Gavidius Tebanianus,
and Gaius Ducenius Proculus

as Suffect consuls
Suffect consul of the Roman Empire
with Lucius Neratius Priscus
Succeeded by
Domitian XIV,
and Lucius Minicius Rufus

as Ordinary consuls