Gael Linn Cup 2009

The 2009 Gael Linn Cup, the most important representative competition for elite level participants in the women's team field sport of camogie, was won by Munster, who defeated Connacht in the final, played at Ashbourne.[1][2]

Gael Linn Cup 2009
Championship Details
Gael Linn Cup winners
Winners Munster (20th title)
Gael Linn Cup Runners-up
Runners-up Connacht
Matches played 3


Ulster withdrew, so with just three entrants, the trophy was staged as a group series among Connacht, Leinster and Munster with games 15 minutes a half. Connacht represented by an all-Galway side and managed by former county hurler Liam Donoghue, managed to win both their matches in the group stages, beating Leinster, 2–3 to 0–8 and Munster 5–3 to 0–4. This tournament saw Galway star Veronica Curtin return to competitive action and her goals were a big factor against Leinster. She scored another goal against Munster with further goals from Brenda Hanney, Brenda Kerins, Therese Maher and Ann Marie Hayes. Munster defeated Leinster 2–2 to 0–2, then unexpectedly defeated Connacht in the final 0–7 to 0–2 with the adverse weather playing havoc with proceedings. Munster did the hard work against the wind in the first half to lead 0–4 to 0–1 at half-time, with Orla Cotter scoring three important points.[3]

Gael Linn trophyEdit

As with the senior competition, the trophy was staged as a group series among Connacht, Leinster and Munster with Connacht defeating Munster in the final 4–4 to 0–2. Niamh McGrath, Molly Dunne, Roscommon's Annette McGeeney and Stacey Coen scored Connacht's goals.

Final stagesEdit

Munster0–7 – 0–2Connacht


GK 1 Denise Lynch (Clare)
RCB 2 Suzanne Kelly (Tipperary)
FB 3 Amanda O'Regan (Cork) (captain)
LCB 4 Joanne O'Callaghan (Cork)
RWB 5 Trish O'Halloran (Tipperary)
CB 6 Fiona Lafferty (Clare)
LWB 7 Jenny Duffy (Cork)
MF 8 Emily Hayden (Tipperary)
MF 9 Orla Cotter (Cork)
RWF 10 Laura Linnane (Clare)
CF 11 Deirdre Murphy (Clare)
LWF 12 Geraldine Kinnane (Tipperary)
RCF 13 Emer Dillon (Cork)
FF 14 Una O'Donoghue (Cork)
LCF 15 Carina Roseingrave (Clare)
GK 1 Susan Earner (Galway)
RCB 2 Sandra Tannian (Galway)
FB 3 Ailbhe Kelly (Galway)
LCB 4 Therese Manton (Galway)
RWB 5 Regina Glynn (Galway)
CB 6 Sinéad Cahalan (Galway)
LWB 7 Áine Hillary (Galway)
MF 8 Ann Marie Hayes (Galway)
MF 9 Lorraine Ryan (Galway)
RWF 10 Jessica Gill (Galway)
CF 11 Brenda Hanney (Galway)
LWF 12 Laura Kavanagh (Galway)
RCF 13 Niamh Kilkenny (Galway)
FF 14 Therese Maher (Galway)
LCF 15 Brenda Kerins (Galway)

Junior FinalEdit

Connacht4–4 – 2–2Munster


GK 1 Sharon Finneran (Rocommon)
RCB 2 Róisín Callanan (Galway)
FB 3 Darelle Coen (Galway)
LCB 4 Niamh Connolly (Rocommon)
RWB 5 Molly Dunne (Galway)
CB 6 Mairéad Linnane (Galway)
LWB 7 Catherine Glynn (Galway)
MF 8 Caroline Murray (Galway)
MF 9 Paula Kenny (Galway)
RWF 10 Caroline Kelly (Galway)
CF 11 Annette McGeeney (Rocommon)
LWF 12 Sarah Dervan (Galway)
RCF 13 Susan Keane (Galway)
FF 14 Aoife Lynskey (Galway)
LCF 15 Claire Curley (Rocommon)
GK 1 Jessica Kavanagh (Cork)
RCB 2 Sarah Sherlock (Clare)
FB 3 Sally O'Grady (Waterford)
LCB 4 Pamela Mackey (Cork)
RWB 5 Kate Marie Hearne (Waterford)
CB 6 Chloe Morey (Clare)
LWB 7 Helen O'Mahony (Cork)
MF 8 Louise Hayes (Clare)
MF 9 Katrina Mackey (Cork)
RWF 10 Patricia Jackman (Waterford)
CF 11 Áine Lyng (Waterford)
LWF 12 Áine Breathnach (Waterford)
RCF 13 Mary Coleman (Cork)
FF 14 Denise Luby (Cork)
LCF 15 Carol Kaiser (Clare)


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