Gael Linn Cup 2007

The 2007 Gael Linn Cup, the most important representative competition for elite level participants in the women's team field sport of camogie, was won by Ulster, who defeated Leinster in the final, played at Russell Park.[1][2]

Gael Linn Cup 2007
Championship Details
Gael Linn Cup winners
Winners Ulster (2nd title)
Gael Linn Cup Runners-up
Runners-up Leinster
Matches played 3


Ulster defeated Munster by 4–9 to 2–10 at Russell Park while Leinster received a walkover from Connacht. Ulster then defeated the holders, Leinster, by 2–12 to 3–8 and ended a 40-year wait for their second Gael-Linn title. Despite scoring an 18th-minute goal Leinster trailed by 0–11 to 1–4 at half time and it was the good work of the player of the tournament, Antrim's Jane Adams, Derry's Sinead Cassidy and Katie McAuley, along with Down players Fionnuala Carr and Moya McGinn, which resulted in victory.[3]>

Gael Linn TrophyEdit

Leinster's Junior side made amends for the defeat of their Senior counterparts with a 3–16 to 0–11 win over Munster. Leinster led 1–6 to 0–7 at half-time, but were very impressive after the restart, with Laois's Louise Mahony scoring 1–10, enough to win the Player of the Tournament award. Kilkenny's Anne Farrell and Pauline Comerford along with Westmeath's Pamela Greville and Meath's Lizzy Lynch and Jane Dolan also made vital contributions. Waterford's Áine Lyng scored 0–8 for Munster, while Sharon McMahon and Sally Anne O'Grady were also among the scorers.

Final stagesEdit

Ulster2–12 – 3–8Leinster


GK 1 Claire O'Kane (Derry)
RCB 2 Ciara McGovern (Down)
FB 3 Moya Maginn (Down)
LCB 4 Kate Laverty (Derry)
RWB 5 Karen McMullan (Down)
CB 6 Claire Doherty (captain) (Derry)
LWB 7 Maureen Stewart (Antrim)
MF 8 Gráinne McGoldrick (Derry)
MF 9 Fionnuala Carr (Down)
RWF 10 Karen Gribben (Down)
CF 11 Jane Adams (Antrim)
LWF 12 Bríd Convery (Derry)
RCF 13 Sheila Cassidy (Derry)
FF 14 Katie McAuley (Derry)
LCF 15 Aisling Diamond (Derry)
GK 1 Eimear Butler (Dublin)
RCB 2 Elaine Aylward (Killkenny)
FB 3 Catherine O'Loughlin (Wexford)
LCB 4 Aoife O'Connor (Wexford)
RWB 5 Eimear Brannigan (captain) (Dublin)
CB 6 Aoife Cullen (Dublin)
LWB 7 Mary Leacy (Wexford)
MF 8 Bróna Furlong (Wexford)
MF 9 Rose-Marie Breen (Wexford)
RWF 10 Kate Kelly (Wexford)
CF 11 Louise O'Hara (Dublin)
LWF 12 Michelle O'Leary (Wexford)
RCF 13 Una Leacy (Wexford)
FF 14 Katie Power (Killkenny)
LCF 15 Aoife Neary (Killkenny)

Junior FinalEdit

Leinster3–16 – 0–11Munster


GK 1 Eimear Moynan (Laois)
RCB 2 Eimear O'Connor (Wexford)
FB 3 Pauline Comerford (Killkenny)
LCB 4 Orla Banbury (captain) (Kildare)
RWB 5 Sharon Moylan (Laois)
CB 6 Máire Griffith (Carlow)
LWB 7 Liz Shaw (Westmeath)
MF 8 Jacinta Goonery (Westmeath)
MF 9 Elizabeth Lynch (Meath)
RWF 10 Frances Lynch (Meath)
CF 11 Aileen Donnelly (Meath)
LWF 12 Elaine Mahony (Laois)
RCF 13 Catríona Phelan (Laois)
FF 14 Louise Mahony (Laois)
LCF 15 Aoife Neary (Killkenny)
GK 1 Aisling O'Brien (Waterford)
RCB 2 Denise Lynch (Clare)
FB 3 Mary Ann Hawkes (Cork)
LCB 4 Sally Ann O'Grady (Clare)
RWB 5 Deirdre Murphy (Clare)
CB 6 Fiona Lafferty (Clare)
LWB 7 Aisling Kelly (Waterford)
MF 8 Charlotte Raher (Waterford)
MF 9 Bríd Twomey (captain) (Cork)
RWF 10 Deirdre Corcoran (Clare)
CF 11 Jane Scanlon (Clare)
LWF 12 Kate Lynch (Clare)
RCF 13 Sharon McMahon (Clare)
FF 14 Gráinne Kenneally (Waterford)
LCF 15 Áine Lyng (Waterford)


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